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 love this for so many reasons #thor probably just found out that bruce turns into the hulk #and he literally met bruce hours ago #and everyone else who has known bruce just sees him as the hulk #but thor sees him as bruce banner #not the monster #he knows bruce somewhere in there#that the hulk isn’t just a mindless beast #and to make this even more feelsy#this is just like how he treats loki #everyone else sees loki as a psychotic menace #and thor is the only one who tries to reason with him instead of just attacking #this is why i hate it when people say thor is just all muscle and looks #he is so much more #he’s the only one who’s given the ‘monsters’ a chance to redeem themselves #and to me #thats one of the most heroic things someone can ever do

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We’ve just added a new perk to the campaign, this amazing 19” sample corset by Magpie & Fox! This beautiful corset is one-of-a-kind and comes with free worldwide shipping, so be fast or you’ll miss out! 
Buy it here:

"This underbust is inspired by the sea with hand-dyed silk organza overlay, giving the effect of waves and ripples on the water. Encrusted with freshwater pearls and seed beads, the corset shimmers and glistens, with iridescent peacock fronds adding movement.

A layer of loomstate satin coutil forms the support of this piece, with pairs of bones over each seam and a grosgrain waist stay within. The back is laced with cream satin ribbon. This perk also includes the customised underwear shown, worn once for the photo shoot and then hand washed.”

Closed measurements:
Waist 19” | Hips (6” below waist) 28 and a 1/2” | Top edge (2 and a 1\2” above the waist) 23” | CF length 9” | Longest part (below bust/over the legs if sitting) 11” | Bra 34C (but will fit 32D and perhaps 30DD) | Knickers UK 6/8.

Photo (c) @Chris Murray
Model / MUa/ Hair: Threnody In Velvet






Can we all take the time to admit that we all cried like freaking babies at the start of Star Trek 2009. 

Reminder that Benedict Cumberbatch admitted he did.

One of the only movies that goes from zero to feels in like 0.000001 seconds.

also we can’t forget that Thor and Emma Swan are the parents of Jim Kirk

I’m fucking crying right now just from seeing the gifset damn it

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